Standard Chartered Revises Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card To 1% Cashback Rate

Standard Chartered has made a major revision to the cashback benefits of its Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card. Effective 1 February 2021, you will earn 1% cashback on all retail purchases capped at RM50 instead of the previous tiered cashback rates that goes up to 5%.

In its current version, the Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card has three cashback tiers based on your monthly expenditure. Spending below RM1,000 would yield 0.2% cashback (capped at RM2), expenditure between RM1,000 – RM1,999.99 garners 2% cashback (capped at RM20), and spending RM2,000 and above would offer 5% cashback capped at RM50.

You can compare the benefits of the Liverpool FC Cashback card before and after the revision in the table below.

Retail spend per month Cashback Cashback cap per month
Before 1 February 2021
  • RM0 – RM999.99
  • RM1,000 – RM1,999.99
  • RM2,000 and above


  • 0.2%
  • 2%
  • 5%


  • RM2
  • RM20
  • RM50


After 1 February 2021 Any amount 1% RM50

For Liverpool FC Cashback users who are used to remaining around the middle or highest tier of spending, the new revision will certainly see a drop in their cashback earnings given the lower 1% rate offered. In offering the new flat rate of cashback for all retail spending regardless of minimum spend, the new Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card offers almost identical benefits to Maybank’s FC Barcelona Visa Signature, which also gives 1% cashback capped at RM50 each month.

The rest of the features of the Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card remain exactly the same. Petrol and insurance transactions are not applicable for cashback under this credit card, along with transactions made to charities, government bodies, and other common exclusions. However, you will earn cashback for topping up selected e-wallets. The annual fee also remains the same at RM175 per annum, waived only for the first year.

Standard Chartered had previously revised the benefits of the Liverpool FC Cashback relatively recently in January 2020, although not in such a major way. Alongside this latest change to the Liverpool FC Cashback Credit Card, the bank has also revised the Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum Mastercard and you can find out more about the revision here.

(Source: Standard Chartered)

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