Have You Taken A Look At Your Credit Score Lately?
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As of now, Malaysia is facing another lockdown phase. Malaysians are now cooped up at home and coping with the lockdown in many different ways – retail therapy is now online shopping, balcony gardens are blooming, learning a new skill, and most importantly staying mentally and physically strong. 

Other than that, all of us have also started to take a good look at our finances. We’ve started to budget, save, and even switched out of buying a new gadget in order to feed ourselves and our loved ones healthier home-cooked meals for the next few months. 

It’s not a surprise that we are also finding ways to supplement our household income in order to financially survive this pandemic such as freelancing, investing, or even starting a small business.  But, what else can we do to keep your finances guarded and healthy?

Untangling The “Credit Score”

In 2019, Malaysians were asked whether they knew what a credit score was and if it’s important to check it regularly. Only 32% of Malaysians were aware of their credit scores. 

A credit score is essentially a three-digit number that banks or any financial institutions use to determine your creditworthiness which is derived from your past payment habits. On Experian’s i-SCORE, a good credit score is between 800-690, while any number below 630, calls for an improvement. 

When it comes to applying for a credit card or a new loan, having a good credit score is key to getting your applications approved. You will also be given more negotiating power to request for higher credit or lower interest rates on loans. 

Whether you’re in your 20s, applying for your first credit card or in your 30s, where you’re trying to get a loan for a home renovation or a business start-up, it’s important to know and understand your credit score.

Small and big financial decisions can affect your credit score all the same as it determines your payment behaviour towards your debts.

Get To NoKnow Your Money, Finally

This year, Experian is back with its effort to raise awareness of the importance of credit score via its Credit Health Month. Happening this July, Credit Health Month is a yearly educational and awareness programme to help Malaysians understand, and improve their credit health. This year, Know Money campaign was launched for Malaysians to finally say, “I know money!” instead of “no money lah!”.

Additionally, there will be a 50% off on all Experian products, such as JagaMyID, JagaMyID PlusMyJob, and MyBiz.

Take the first step to no longer be in the dark about your financial data by getting to know your credit profile. By checking where you stand on your credit health, you can fine-tune your budget, make knowledgeable financial decisions, and improve your spending habits.

Free Personal Credit Report Plus With CCRIS & i-SCORE

All throughout the month of July, new sign-ups to Experian will get to enjoy a Free Personal Credit Report Plus (PCRP) to understand and improve their credit health.

This straightforward and uncomplicated credit management tool includes information such as: 

  • Experian i-SCORE (Credit Score)
  • Banking Information (CCRIS)
  • Skim Potongan Gaji Angkasa (SPGA)
  • PTPTN 
  • Trade References (Non-Banking Info)
  • Litigation History and more.

Through the PCRP report, you’ll be able to look into your banking credit information and work on areas that need improvement. The report also provides you with detailed tips on how to boost your credit health, such as keeping your balances low on credit accounts and paying your bills on time. 

Check out a sample report here!

For existing users of Experian, you can use the promo code: EXPCHM21 to enjoy a Personal Credit Report Plus with CCRIS info and i-SCORE for only RM9.75 (nett price: RM19.50).

Ward Off Identity Theft With JagaMyID

To further keep your credit health in check, you can also sign up for a credit monitoring subscription, JagaMyID.

JagaMyID helps users protect themselves against identity theft by sending users a notification when a credit card or loan is being applied in their name or if there are any suspicious changes in their credit profile. Moreover, JagaMyID also sends users a monthly notification on their credit profile and credit score to keep them informed. 


With Know Money Campaign, Experian is here to help Malaysians take better control of their finances and be on their way towards financial empowerment. With a free credit report and 50% discount on all Experian products during the month of July, strengthen your financial knowledge and Go On A Journey To Know Money.

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Ramlan Bakar
2 years ago

Yes I want to know my credit score

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