First Mobile Self-Checkout System To Be Launched By AEON in Malaysia

AEON is testing a new self-checkout feature for its stores in Malaysia, taking advantage of the AEON Wallet app.


First Mobile Self-Checkout System To Be Launched By AEON in Malaysia

Malaysia will be the first in the market to test out a new self-checkout system at AEON department stores, using the AEON Wallet app. The AEON Wallet is the company’s own mobile wallet that was launched a few months ago, allowing customers to conveniently shop and store its membership cards digitally.

Business Head, Cards Payment of Digital Marketing & Insurance for AEON Credit Service Malaysia, R. Jayabalan, introduced the self-checkout feature and how it will theoretically work at AEON stores. Firstly, users will be required to scan the store’s QR code for the app to identify which AEON store branch the user is at. Customers will then proceed to scan the individual product barcodes to purchase desired items, before proceeding to pay for them directly on the app. No more queuing up at cashier counters or waiting for slow customers, or even paying with cash!

While the self-checkout system does not yet have a launch date, Malaysians can already use the AEON e-wallet app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Unlike other e-wallet apps, AEON Wallet lets customers pay via QR code at all AEON outlets and earn AEON points every time you shop at AEON stores since you can store your AEON member card in the app. Besides that, users can top up their AEON Wallet via internet banking and even AEON outlet cashiers as well as AEON Credit Service ATMs.

(Source: Lowyat.NET, AEON Wallet)


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