Vircle E-Wallet Offers A Cashless Solution For Schoolchildren

Vircle is a newly-launched e-wallet app designed for parents who want to give their school-going children a cashless payment solution. Vircle allows parents to top up the e-wallet for their children to use when paying for food and drink at their participating school canteens.

The app also has additional features such as allowance approvals by the parents, food choice profiling, nutrition scoring, and consumption tracking. According to Vircle, the purchase and consumption behaviour of children can be converted into powerful health and nutrition insights as well as financial literacy actions to help parents nurture street-smart children.

“While there are many solutions made available today that enable cashless transactions, Vircle is built by parents for parents, is extremely child-friendly and the first to enable both a parent and child to co-exist in a single e-wallet platform,” said Gokula Krishnan, founder and CEO of Vircle.

Vircle’s launch is timely given that schools will be reopening for certain pupils starting from 24 June following the commencement of the recovery movement control order (RMCO). As students resume their activities at schools, cashless payments would be considered advantageous given the possible spread of Covid-19 through coins and bank notes.

Vircle will be made available at participating schools and the app can be downloaded from the Google Play or App Store. Do note that Vircle’s terms of use reserve the right to impose charges, fees, or subscriptions such as top-up charges and so on.

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