You Snooze, You Lose: All Touch ‘n Go RFID Fitment Centres Will Be Closed From 12 – 14 February

tng rfid fitment centre

tng rfid fitment centre

Touch ‘n Go has dropped a bombshell for those who have not yet gotten their free RFID tags: today is the last day you can get the RFID tags fitted for free as the company announced that all fitment centres will be closed from 12-14 February.

In two Facebook posts that have surprisingly not gone viral, Touch ‘n Go stated that all RFID fitment centres will be closed from 12-14 February for system maintenance. Worse, the latest post revealed that only 16 fitment centres in the entire country will be open today for free RFID tag fitting. 14 of them are in the Klang Valley, while the remaining two are in Johor.

Touch 'n Go RFID last chance

This is due to the fact that the other fitment centres around the country have run out of stock for RFID tags. Over the weekend the company also posted on its Facebook page of 21 fitment centre locations that will no longer be open as they have run out of RFID tags.

Ever since Touch ‘n Go announced that it will be charging RM35 for new RFID tag fittings from 15 February, many fitment centres saw a spike in customers eager to get theirs for free. Over the weekend we even saw crowds forming at the RFID registration counters at popular fitment centres such as Petronas TTDI and The Starling Mall.

TNG RFID fitment centre crowd
Image circulating on Facebook of the crowd of people at Petronas TTDI waiting to get their RFID tags fitted. (Image: Rohaidzad Rashid)

In any case, for those who have not yet got their free RFID tags, it looks like that ship may have sailed – unless you live or work close to any of the 16 fitment centres and can get some time off work to get it done.

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DTOX CBJ said they have no more stickers though I went pretty early this morning. Kinda fishy arrangement his sudden closure 3 days before 15th Feb.

mhc moo

good luck to you. nobody will install on the 15th

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