Affin Hwang Launches New Mobile App For Investment, Allocate Plus

Affin Hwang Asset Management has officially launched its new mobile app, Allocate Plus, to provide investors with easier access and more flexibility in their investment journey with the company.

Allocate Plus serves as a digital solution for users who are looking for a seamless method to invest in a range of unit trust and private retirement scheme (PRS) funds via their mobile devices. It gives you full autonomy to open new accounts, top-up your investment portfolios, switch your investments between preferred funds, as well as sell and redeem your assets at your convenience. You are also be able to begin investing with as little as RM50 and no lock-in period.

On top of that, Allocate Plus comes with a combo portfolio function, which helps new customers invest based on their risk appetite and investment profiles. Consisting of combos such as the Starter Pack, Slow And Steady, and High Risk High Return, those who are unsure about which funds to choose can rely on this feature to help them kickstart their investment journey.

If you’re an existing Affin Hwang customer, you can use your i-ACCESS online login details to access the new Allocate Plus app. New customers who do not have an account with the company, on the other hand, will need to register a new one after downloading it into their mobile phones. You’ll have to verify your identity with your MyKad as well as a selfie image. Additionally, you’re also required to carry out at least one transaction within six months in order to complete the account opening process after setting up your account.

You can find out more about Affin Hwang’s new Allocate Plus app now on its official website. Alternatively, download it from Google Play or the App Store to try out the app for yourself.

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