Netflix Offers Free Access To Selected Content For Non-Subscribers, Requires No Registration

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Netflix is now offering free access to selected content for non-paying users, without requiring you to even register for an account. At present, it features an assortment of 10 movies and original series, including Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, and The Two Popes – although the selection may change from time to time.

Note, that although you will be able to watch the movies offered in full via this free access, you can only view the first episode of the first season for Netflix’s original series. Once the episode ends, you’ll be prompted to join Netflix to view the other episodes. Additionally, there are short ads at the beginning of the free content, although those can be skipped.

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In its support page, Netflix further clarified that the free content is available only on its official website, which is accessible via browsers on a computer or Android device. It is not supported on Netflix’s mobile application or on iOS browsers.

According to a Netflix spokesperson, this perk came about as part of the streaming service’s attempt at exploring different marketing promotions to attract new members. Prior to this offer, non-paying users in Malaysia could opt for a 30-day free trial, which gives them access to all of Netflix’s content for free. However, they were also required register and provide their payment details for the free trial.

To find out more about the free content from Netflix, head on over to its website.

(Source: TechCrunch, Lowyat.NET)

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