After Nearly 2-Day Downtime, CIMB Clicks Instant Transfer Seems To Be Back Up

The Instant Transfer option on CIMB Clicks has faced some issues over the last couple of days. However, judging from some replies from the bank’s Twitter account, it seems like the online banking service could be up and running at last.

According to CIMB, the Instant Transfer service became unavailable at 10.30a.m. on Wednesday 27 January until “further notice”, with customers advised to use Interbank GIRO (IBG), DuitNow, or CIMB ATMs for their necessary fund transfers instead.

On 28 January, CIMB said that its Instant Transfer option is back in service – with the exception of Instant Transfers made to Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN). Instant Transfers from CIMB to BSN are still unavailable as of today 29 January and will continue to be unavailable until further notice.

However, if you are still having issues making general Instant Transfers via CIMB Clicks today, you can try using the solutions given by the CIMB Assists Twitter account to those who are reporting similar problems.

These include clearing your cache history on your web browser or application, checking your Internet connection, restarting your modem, and restarting the device you are using. Hopefully, CIMB Clicks users will be able to make use of the online banking service without any hitches once again.

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