Hong Leong Bank Releases New HLB Connect Mobile Banking App

Hong Leong Bank has launched a new mobile banking app, the HLB Connect App. While Hong Leong Bank currently has an existing mobile banking app, the new HLB Connect App comes with new features and an updated design to make for an even better banking experience.

One of the new functions of the Connect app is QuickPay, which allows users to pay or transfer funds to recent recipients in fewer steps. Through QuickPay, you can easily pick out a recent recipient from a list of your latest transactions, and then all you need to do is enter the amount and tap to transfer. QuickPay shows up to 20 of your latest transactions and makes transferring money a much simpler affair.

Another new feature of the HLB Connect App is that it allows you to adjust your transaction limits – something that couldn’t be done on the previous version of the Hong Leong mobile banking app. You can now set limits for different transaction types on your phone, and there is also a new setting for transactions without TAC for non-favourite fund transfers.

Besides that, the HLB Connect App also offers all the usual day-to-day banking services, contained in an easy access menu for better convenience. You can transfer money instantly using recipient accounts or mobile numbers with DuitNow, pay up to five favourite billers in a single transaction, make fixed deposit placements or withdrawals, and even access a variety of credit card services all within the app.

Moreover, you will have easy access to your transaction history and e-statements, as well as view instant updates of your last 15 debit and credit card transactions from the last 7 days. The app’s interface also makes it easy to navigate between your different accounts and balances with just a simple swipe. The design of the app overall also gives it a decidedly modern feel – it even comes with day and night mode themes in line with modern smartphone operating systems.

HLB Connect App

According to Hong Leong Bank, the app will also be updated with more features soon – such as the AppAuthorise function for non-favourite Connect Online transactions of RM10,000 and above as well as cardless ATM withdrawal. In the meantime, you can access these functions on the old Hong Leong app until they become available on the new HLB Connect app.

If you’re a Hong Leong Bank customer, you can now download the HLB Connect App from the App Store or Google Play and try it out yourself.

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