Lazada Bonus & Shopee 10% Vouchers: Extra Perks To Help You Save While Shopping
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With just a few hours left until the clock strikes midnight to kick off the highly anticipated 11.11 sale events by Lazada and Shopee, we’re sure that many of you are already prepping your virtual carts.

If you missed it, we’ve compiled a list of bank vouchers that you can collect and use during the Lazada 11.11 Biggest One-Day Sale and Shopee 11.11 Big Sale to help offset some of your shopping costs. But the bank vouchers are not the only way you can save on both e-commerce platforms.

Here, we’ll share two valuable perks offered by Lazada and Shopee that can help you save on your online shopping.

Lazada: Lazada Bonus

What is Lazada Bonus? Quite simply, Lazada Bonus is a personalised “credit” offered to you, which you can collect each day throughout the campaign period (in this case, between 5 to 11 November). Simply open the Lazada app and you’ll get pop-ups of free Lazada Bonus to collect. On top of that, you can earn more Lazada Bonus by completing missions such as adding items to cart and viewing specific campaign pages – these missions refresh every day, too.

Like the “sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit” adage, the accumulated amount can then be used on 11 November on selected items, which will be marked with the LazBonus tag. From our experience, you’ll usually accummulate more than RM150 (our record one time was over RM300!)

At checkout, Lazada Bonus will automatically be applied at a rate of RM10 for every RM100 in your order, giving you a generous 10% off. So if your order is RM500 in total, you’ll automatically enjoy RM50 off from Lazada Bonus – think of it as “reward” for your hard work accummulating the credit!

What we appreciate most about Lazada Bonus is the fact that it can be stacked with other vouchers on the platform (as well as LazCoins). In fact, Lazada allows shoppers to stack up to five vouchers in one single order: Lazada Bonus + platform voucher + bank voucher + store voucher + free shipping voucher, thereby enabling maximum savings. Combined, this can result in exceptional savings – here’s an example:

For the above order (a portable coffee grinder), the total savings came up to an astonishing 37% thanks to a combination of Lazada Bonus and the stackable vouchers. It’s also common to see shoppers exhaust their entire Lazada Bonus on a single high-ticket item like smartphones, laptops, and (more recently) PC graphics cards.

And, to add to its popularity, Lazada Bonus is only available during selected mega sale days – where many items are also already offered at lower prices. Combined, this makes Lazada a great platform to shop for items you need thanks to the huge potential savings you can enjoy on the platform.

It’s not too late to collect Lazada Bonus – click here to start accummulating before midnight!

Shopee: 10% Instant Rebate & 10% Coins Cashback Vouchers

While Lazada has its Lazada Bonus, Shopee rewards its users with 10% rebates through two types of vouchers: an instant 10% rebate voucher as well as its popular 10% coins cashback vouchers.

The 10% Rebate Now voucher (click here to collect) allows you to enjoy a 10% instant rebate of up to RM120 if you spend at least RM80 during your purchase. These vouchers are regularly offered during Shopee’s various sales (and not limited to the mega sale days like Lazada Bonus), making it quite valuable for orders of up to RM1,200.

If your potential purchase is worth higher, Shopee also has coin cashback vouchers, where you get your rebates in the form of Shopee Coins instead of instant discounts. The coins are awarded to you after your purchases are completed. Frequent Shopee users will be familiar with the 10% coins cashback voucher with zero minimum spend that refreshes monthly, capped at 5,000 Shopee Coins (worth RM50) and 15,000 Shopee Coins (worth RM150).

In addition, do also keep a lookout for other exclusive vouchers, such as those released daily that can give you up to 80% coins cashback, or exclusive new deals with 100% coins cashback. These are low-value vouchers that can offset your entire order (if they’re around RM5) – useful for small essentials.

Shopee Coins are useful – but only for future purchases. Shopee Coins can be used to offset 25% off your next order, capped at 3,000 Coins (RM30) per order. Plus, it can be used on all Preferred and Mall sellers, unlike LazCoins that are currently very limited in its usability (limited by stores, and not uniform in discount value).

That said, there is one downside to Shopee’s vouchers: you can only stack a very limited number of vouchers for each purchase order. Two, to be specific: a shop voucher + discount/platform OR free shipping voucher. As such, you’ll have to be discerning and choose the voucher combination that will let you save the most (which means you’ll need to do a bit of calculation ahead of time).

Another thing to note about Shopee’s vouchers is its voucher redemption mechanics, which is based on a “first redemption” basis. This means that even though you’ve claimed a Shopee voucher, it is not guaranteed yours to use; claiming it only puts it on your voucher list for easy application at checkout. Based on experience, the 10% Instant Rebate and high-value 10% Coins Cashback vouchers don’t usually run out as quickly as the 95%/100% cashback vouchers, but do keep a look out just in case – it’s not a great feeling when you can’t apply these vouchers at checkout because they ran out!


Whichever your shopping platform of choice, it’s always useful to do a little legwork that lets you shave more out of your shopping. But of course, don’t use that as a reason to shop recklessly! As we’ve always shared, the mega sale days are perfect occasions to stock up on home essentials or on big-ticket items that you need, because you can potentially save quite a fair amount compared to buying them at retail.

And, as always, don’t forget to put your cashback credit cards for online shopping to work as well – that’s yet another money-saving layer for you as you spend!

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