Shopee Survey: 60% Buyers Keen To Use E-Commerce For Self-Improvement In 2023
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Shopee’s latest consumer trend survey has revealed that 60% of Malaysians are keen to tap into e-commerce to help them achieve their ambitions and find enjoyment in 2023. Titled “Past the Starting Line: Adapting to Malaysia’s Digital Consumers in 2023”, the study also highlighted that Malaysians are becoming savvier consumers even as they strive to support local businesses.

Drawing from the feedback of 2,150 Shopee buyers, the survey found that 35% of Malaysians would like to prioritise personal health and wellness as part of their New Year resolutions in 2023. On top of that, many also said they’d like to improve themselves by making better lifestyle and living choices (26%), upskilling and nurturing hobbies (23%), and increasing social confidence (16%).

To achieve these goals, 39% of the respondents said that they plan to buy more home and living products in 2023, while 38% showed interest in household goods and essentials. Another 13% said they will buy books and games to gain knowledge, and 10% would like to look into workout and travel gear.

Despite being willing to spend, Shopee’s survey respondents also indicated that they will practice mindfulness when shopping online, ensuring that the products they buy are worth the value. Specifically, 51% said they will look for greater personalisation and shopping flexibility when purchasing on online shopping platforms. Meanwhile, 32% said they will explore Shopee’s circle deals and live shopping to decide on purchasing something, and 17% would like to practise sustainable shopping and support local inclusive businesses.

Seven out of ten Malaysians further said that they aim to make smarter purchasing decisions through insightful content, including product warranties, live demos, and unboxing videos. Adding to that, 50% of survey respondents also expressed interest in supporting local businesses in Borneo, specifically, to improve their living standards. Another 35% said they are thinking about buying more local goods, with the remaining 15% saying they will not change their shopping habits.

Head of marketing campaigns of Shopee Malaysia, Kenneth Soh said that this survey is crucial in keeping Shopee informed of the various consumer trends developing in Malaysia. “This helps us channel efforts and optimally address user needs to share the future of the digital economy,” he added.

Meanwhile, chief operations officer of Shopee, Terence Pang stressed that the adoption of digital services such as e-commerce has improved and transformed the way consumers and businesses connect. In turn, consumers’ expectations when shopping, too, have shifted.

“Despite many having come online, we’re only just past the starting line in Malaysia’s digital economy, with a greater long-term opportunity to help more people benefit. In the coming year, these digital consumers will continue to shape the future of the digital economy,” Pang commented, adding that knowledge of the latest consumer trends will allow merchants to lay a more resilient foundation to reach out to more users.

Aside from the above statistics, Shopee’s survey also highlighted other key data among consumers, such as the fact that 32% of Shopee users intend to spend more time in 2023 to de-stress and earn coins through the Shopee Prizes feature. Many also want to take advantage of the ShopeeGivesBack function to donate to the underserved.

Overall, the “Past the Starting Line: Adapting to Malaysia’s Digital Consumers in 2023” survey saw 3,237 respondents in total (2,150 buyers and 1,087 sellers). It was conducted between 23 December 2022 to 5 January 2023.

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