(Updated) Some Bill Payment Channels Will Implement RM0.50 Surcharge For Astro Bills From 1 January 2021
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UPDATE 18 December: Astro has reached out to us to clarify that the surcharges are implemented by the payment channels and not by Astro. In addition, another payment channel, e-pay, will also implement the surcharge effective 16 January 2021. The article below has been updated with the new information.

Effective 1 January 2021, Astro customers who pay their bills via certain retailers, convenience shops, kiosks, and e-wallets will incur an additional fee of up to RM0.50 per transaction. The affected payment channels include various e-wallets, physical retail outlets such as 7-Eleven and 99 Speedmart, as well as online e-commerce platforms Lazada and Shopee.

According to Astro’s announcement on its website, the surcharge will be charged by the appointed collection agencies of RMS (previously Razer/MOL), ATX, e-Pay, and MobilityOne. Here’s the full list of the payment channels that will be affected by this change for your reference:

Payment service providers Retailers/Convenience shops/Kiosks E-wallets
RMS (Razer/MOL) –          7-Eleven

–          99 Speedmart

–          Razer Pay
ATX –          RedONEShop

–          Mobile Money

–          MyPOSPay

–          Runcit Hero

–          Parcel Hub (courier shops)

–          Kiosks

–          Boost

–          GoPayz

–          KelantanPay

–          PahangGo

–          TaPay

–          GoPay

–          Merchantrade Money

–          Tone Group

–          Elinking

–          MPay

–          MCash

–          Various other smaller e-wallets

MobilityOne –          Kedai D’mart

–          TMpoint

–          Pasaraya Sakan

–          Various other sundry shops

e-Pay (from 16 January 2021) –          Petrol stations (BHP, Caltex, Petronas, Shell)

–          Family Mart

–          MyNews

–          EconSave

–          Mydin

–          Guardian

–          Watsons

–          Giant

–          Touch ‘n Go eWallet

–          GrabPay

–          Lazada

–          Shopee

(Image: New Straits Times)

Based on the information provided by Astro, it appears the surcharge will apply for nearly all payment channels – except for JomPay and online banking platforms. Astro also offers various payment channels of its own, which also remain surcharge-free. These range from AstroQuickPay, the Astro Self-Service portal, the My Astro app, Astro’s customer service centres, as well as through Channel 200 on Astro itself.

Not to forget, given that Astro is not classified under utilities, you can still earn credit card cashback by using Astro’s various online payment channels and not be charged any surcharges.

Find out more about Astro’s updated payment options here on its website.

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1 year ago


Karim Ahmad
1 year ago

I am one of the retailers affected by this new charging method for Astro bills and we feel that it is an unfair and untrue statement to say that the surcharge is implemented by the payment agency. We are a chain retailer, and we have Mobility1 and e-pay for Astro bill payment services. We were made aware about a month ago that Astro is reducing the bill payment collection agency commission by almost 50% and Astro wants the retailers to charge consumers RM0.50 to reduce/subsidize the commissions being paid to retailers. Astro forced implemented the surcharge of RM0.50 even when… Read more »

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