BigPay Increases Credit Card Top-Up Limit To RM10,000, Introduces 1% Convenience Fee
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BigPay has revised the maximum limit for top-ups via credit cards, increasing it from the existing RM1,000 per month to RM10,000. However, only the first RM1,000 reload will be processed for free each month, with subsequent amounts subjected to a 1% convenience fee. This is set to take effect immediately.

If your BigPay reload for the month does exceed RM1,000, the 1% convenience fee will be calculated and added to your total top-up amount. At the payment page, you’ll then need to pay a total of your desired top-up amount, on top of the convenience fee.

To illustrate how the new arrangement works, BigPay shared two scenarios in its FAQ:

Example 1

It’s 1 July, and you top up RM700 with your credit card. No additional fees were applied on that transaction as it’s below RM1,000. On 30 July, you top up another RM500 using your credit card. This makes your total top-up amount RM1,200 with your credit card as the top-up method. As it’s still July, this means you have gone above RM1,000 and a 1% fee will be incurred.

The 1% fee is calculated on the excess amount, which in this case is RM200. The fee of RM2 will be added to your top up amount of RM500, which means your total top-up amount will be RM502.

Example 2

On 1 July, you use your credit card to top up RM2,500. The first RM1,000 of your credit card top-up is free, just like before. The next RM1,500 will incur a 1% fee, which is RM15. This makes your total top-up amount RM2,515.

At this point, any subsequent credit card top-ups you do in July will also incur a 1% fee. If you top up RM1,000 on 30 July, this will mean your total top-up amount is RM1,010, with RM10 of fees applied to it.

bigpay card

With this latest update, BigPay’s credit card top-up limit is once again restored to the original cap prior to three revisions that were made in 2020. Back then, BigPay slashed its credit card top-up limit from RM10,000 to RM5,000 per month, followed by another reduction to RM2,500, and finally to RM1,000 – with all new caps enforced either immediately or within days after BigPay informed its users through email.

Surprisingly, BigPay has yet to send any notification emails to its users this time round (as of the time of writing); instead, you’ll be alerted of this change when you fire up your BigPay app to make reload transactions.

(Source: BigPay)

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Salasiah binti matsaad
10 months ago

I topup debit card to bigpay 1k..nothing

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