Selected Grab Users Can Now Book Rides In Japan And The Middle East

The Grab-Splyt partnership offers ride booking services in Japan and the Middle East.


Selected Grab Users Can Now Book Rides In Japan And The Middle East

Grab users from Singapore and the Philippines are now able to use their Grab app to book rides in Japan and the Middle East when travelling to these regions. The two countries will be the first within Southeast Asia to enjoy this new feature, with other ASEAN countries to follow by next year.

The new function will list the countries’ local transport services under the Transport section when the user opens the Grab app in the foreign country. They will be able to pay for their rides with the GrabPay e-wallet in their home currency (instead of the foreign currency GrabPay wallet as is the case today), as well as earn reward points that are valid back home.

This new feature also means that users do not need to go through the hassle of downloading and registering with the local ride-hailing apps in the countries.

Additionally, the app bridges linguistic gaps as it will be set to the user’s native or preferred language, with the in-app messaging feature automatically translating messages sent between passengers and drivers.

That said, users are reminded to set up and verify their GrabPay e-wallet, and ensure there is enough credit before departing to ensure a stress-free experience abroad.

This effort is part of Grab’s partnership with Splyt, a global mobility marketplace, to offer a convenient ride-hailing solution for travellers internationally.

Ride bookings in the two regions will be fulfilled by JapanTaxi in Japan and Careem in the Middle East respectively. This service is available in 5 cities in Japan and 13 countries in the Middle East:

Japan (cities)

Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Sapporo, Okinawa
The Middle East (countries) UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait

(Source: The Star, Grab)


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