How Do You Know if Your Credit Card Rewards Are Worth It?

Not all credit cards are created equal. To know which credit cards bring the best rewards that fit your needs, check out this quick guide we made just for you.


Credit cards all offer different things in different configurations and figuring out the best ones can be taxing. So to help you out, we thought it would be good to share with you the things you should look out for when shopping around for one.

How Do You Know if Your Credit Card Rewards Are Worth It?

The Rewards Match Your Spending Pattern

A card with plenty of travel perks that can earn you thousands of air miles won’t come in very handy if you’re not the kind to travel that much. Similarly, a card that rewards you for shopping a lot won’t help you if you rarely visit the mall.

Knowing your own spending habits and finding a card that rewards them is therefore super important. Do a quick scan of your monthly expenses and compare it to how you’ll earn your rewards on credit cards. If it matches well, then that’s the card for you.

The Rewards Are Flexible

Earning plenty of rewards is useless if you can’t use them how you want to. Pay special attention to how the rewards can be used and what you can spend them on and see if they match what you want.

A good rewards card will allow you to use your rewards in a lot of different ways. Citi Rewards Visa Signature Card for example allows you to use your points to shop at, pay directly for purchases or airmiles, and even to offset your past purchases.

You Can Gain Rewards in Many Different Ways

While it’s good if the things you’ll be spending on match your existing swiping pattern, it’s a bonus if you also get rewarded for spending you might not do too often.

Ideally, you should look for a card that rewards you in multiple ways. Citi Rewards Visa Signature Card for example, gives you 5x reward points for spending at major departmental stores, regular supermarkets, and even overseas spending.

They Don’t Expire Too Soon

Earning plenty of points only to have them expire is a waste of swiping and can definitely sour your experience with a rewards card.

The best way to avoid this problem is to go for a card that doesn’t expire, like the Citi Rewards Visa Signature Card. This way you get to redeem merchandise, air miles, hotel stays, and all the good stuff rewards can give you without having to worry about them losing value over time.

The Best Rewards Credit Card Out Right Now

So if you’re looking for a good rewards card, these are the important criteria that you should pay close attention to. For our money, right now we recommend checking out Citi Rewards Visa Signature Card.

You get accelerated 5x reward points for shopping at major departmental stores and supermarkets, complimentary unlimited access to the Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA and 5x reward points for overseas spend. The points never expire. You can shop or redeem the things you love using your points instead of cash.

You can find out more about what the card can offer you and the many different rewards you can get from it by visiting their official website! Ringgit Plus offers a tablet with iflix and agoda voucher when you apply through us before 20th July 2018. Terms and conditions apply.


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