Best Travel Credit Cards in Malaysia 2019

Frequent flyers get bonus airmiles, free travel insurance, airport lounge access, hotel rebates with a travel credit card

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Best Travel Credit Cards in Malaysia 2019


What are the best travel credit cards Malaysia has to offer?

The best credit card for travel is one that offers benefits that are most geared to frequent flyers or overseas travel.

Malaysia travel credit cards give you benefits like:

  • Free airport lounge access
  • Good airmiles conversion rates,
  • Complimentary travel insurance coverage
  • Cashback and reward for overseas spending.

If you are looking for the best travel credit card in Malaysia, you could be looking for a traveling credit card that fulfills all or some of the above criteria.

What is an airmiles credit card?

An air miles credit card is a credit card that offers you the chance to earn air miles as one of its main benefits. Frequent travellers who accumulate enough air miles can use them to claim free flights, offset part of a flight’s price, or even upgrade your seat up to a higher class.

Some of the best traveling credit cards offer airmiles benefits as a main perk as airmiles are very useful to frequent travellers.

What is a free airport lounge access card?

Some of the credit cards for travel offer free airport lounge access. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of airport lounges, they are restricted waiting areas in an airport with comfortable seats, business facilities, and perhaps most importantly, complimentary food and an open bar.

You gain access to these lounges through a membership programme or paying an entrance fee per visit, and no, they’re not only exclusive to the business-class-and-above elite.

Best credit card for overseas spending

When you’re using a credit card for traveling, it helps when you get benefits for using it overseas. Some credit cards offer attractive cash back rebates for overseas spend, whereas some offer multiplied rewards points for overseas transactions.

Increased cashback rates and rewards points awarded can make a card the best one for travelling.

Credit card travel insurance

Did you know that your credit card can give you complimentary travel insurance? What are the benefits of having a travel credit card insurance? Having a complimentary credit card travel insurance saves you the hassle of having to find and compare travel insurance policies from different insurance companies.

Quite a number of the credit cards for travel in Malaysia offer free travel insurance as a bonus benefit. So, if your credit card offers this benefit, use your credit card for travel expenses like paying for your flights and hotels and you can be eligible for credit card travel insurance coverage.