Grab Introduces Jaya Grocer Membership, Enables Customers To Earn GrabRewards Points
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Grab has introduced a new Jaya Grocer membership and loyalty programme that enables users to earn “loyalty points” for their purchases at the grocery chain in the form of GrabRewards Points. Housed within the Grab app, this is said to be Jaya Grocer’s first loyalty programme.

Open to all for free, the new membership programme will allow all customers to earn 0.75 GrabRewards Points for every RM1 spent at Jaya Grocer – regardless of whether they pay for their purchases using cash, credit or debit card, and GrabPay. Points will also be awarded when you pay with Jaya Gorcer gift cards, One Card Pay, or Sunway Pals Pay. Meanwhile, GrabUnlimited subscribers can enjoy an earning rate of 1.5 GrabRewards Points.

The points earned can then be used to offset payments in-store when you shop, or to conveniently redeem Jaya Grocer e-vouchers at the checkout counter. However, Grab has also clarified that you will not be able to earn GrabRewards Points if you are tapping into other discounts, vouchers, or promotions within the same receipt or transaction. For instance, if you wish to enjoy the 10% discount offered via AIA Vitality for fruits and vegetables at Jaya Grocer outlets, then you will have to forfeit your GrabRewards Points for that particular transaction.

Note that you must be a Grab user in order to join this Jaya Grocer membership programme as it is powered by Grab, as well as housed within the app. Your membership will be automatically activated once you make a first purchase at any Jaya Grocer stores, or through GrabMart on the Grab app. You will also be able to trace your Jaya Grocer transactions and points earned within the app after that.

Meanwhile, to collect GrabRewards Points while shopping in-store, simply present your virtual Jaya Grocer membership card to the cashier so that he or she can scan the barcode on the card to credit the points to your account. To do this, head on over to the Account page in your Grab app, then tap on “Loyalty Programs”. You’ll immediately be able to see your virtual card, along with the total amount of GrabRewards Points that you currently have (not limited to just what you’ve earned through your Jaya Grocer purchases).

If you’d like to redeem Jaya Grocer e-vouchers at the checkout counters instead, the cashier will also need to scan your virtual card’s barcode. The e-vouchers can then be redeemed on the spot, and savings will be applied to your bill immediately. The redemption rate for the Jaya Grocer e-vouchers are as follows:

Jaya Grocer e-vouchersGrabRewards Points required
RM5 off750
RM10 off1,500
RM20 off3,000
RM50 off7,500

On top of the ability to earn GrabRewards Points through your purchases, Jaya Grocer members can also look forward to other additional perks such as birthday treats, members’ day sales, and invitations for exclusive events. These could come in the form of exclusive offers and special Jaya Grocer vouchers.

Finally, note that all point-earning transactions with your Jaya Grocer membership – whether paid using cash, credit/debit card, GrabPay, or any other permitted payment methods – will contribute to the extension of your GrabRewards Points expiry date. This essentially simplifies things for some Grab users. For context, Grab currently employs a three-month rolling expiry system for its GrabRewards Points, which automatically refreshes when users make one transaction before the expiry date of their points – but this transaction must be made using GrabPay (which may be a bit restrictive for some Grab users, especially those who do not use GrabPay exclusively for a mojority of their transactions).

The introduction of this new Jaya Grocer membership programme by Grab comes following the tech giant’s acquisition of a majority stake in the grocery chain, completed back in January 2022. The successful acquisition also saw Grab’s e-wallet, GrabPay, being rolled out as a payment option in all Jaya Grocer physical outlets – and this new membership programme is set to further cement the collaboration between both brands.

(Source: Grab)

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