Touch 'n Go To Allow TNG Card Reloads Via eWallet, Remove Parking Surcharge This Year
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Touch n’ Go (TNG) has stated that it will allow TNG card users to conduct top-ups via the TNG eWallet some time this year. This is alongside the planned implementation of several other updates to its existing services, including the removal of reload fees for TNG cards and the 10% TNG parking surcharge.

Revealed in an interview between the chief executive officer of TNG Group, Effendy Shahul Hamid, and The Star, all the updates are expected to be rolled out some time in 2021.

Reloading TNG cards via TNG eWallet

At present, users do not have the ability to top up the credit of their physical TNG card via TNG eWallet. This is because the existing cards are smartcards with MIFARE chips, which only allow transactions when in contact with a card reader. As such, you can only reload your cards at selected locations and merchants – which makes things somewhat inconvenient for users.

To remedy this situation, Effendy said that TNG will soon roll out a new version of the card that allows credit top-ups via the TNG eWallet by the end of 2021. While not much information has been released as of yet, it seems likely that you may need to replace your existing TNG card to tap into this new feature.

On a side note, the TNG eWallet currently does have a PayDirect feature that lets users link their TNG cards to the eWallet, allowing them to use the eWallet as a payment source instead of deducting money from the card balance. However, this is only applicable for toll payments.

Removal of reload fee for TNG cards


Aside from enabling the ability to top up TNG cards via the eWallet app, TNG said that it is also looking to fully remove the reload fee that applies when customers top up their TNG cards with reload agents. Presently, TNG’s reload agents are allowed to charge a 50-sen reload fee when you top up your card with them, although TNG emphasised that “quite a number” of them have already removed the charge. Those who have removed the fee include Watsons, Guardian, Caring Pharmacy, and selected Petronas and Shell stations.

The company also clarified that it does not receive any amount of the reload fee. Instead, it is used by the reload agents to cover the specific cost of providing the reload service. On top of that, TNG also pays its reload agents to provide the reload service for its customers.

Removal of 10% TNG parking surcharge

(Image: The Star)

Lastly, Effendy said that TNG is working to remove its parking surcharges by the first quarter of 2021. The parking surcharge in question is a 10% fee that motorists need to pay when they use their TNG cards for parking fares, and this has long been a matter of discontent among customers.

“It [the removal] requires innovation and some sacrifice on our part, but I think it’s the right thing to do. Basically, we’ve been able to convince our parking operator partners and ensure the surcharge is removed by the end of the first quarter,” said Effendy.

For context, this plan to remove the parking surcharge had been floated since November 2019 – confirmed by the previous deputy minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Department, Chong Chieng Jen. However, he also commented back then that the removal will not be immediate as there are existing agreements that must be honoured; it will only take place when new agreements are signed.


Ultimately, Effendy said that TNG’s latest initiatives are spurred on by customer feedback. “We’re starting to listen to customer feedback in terms of what are the things that we can do, and we’re starting to engineer the company around that, on the transportation ecosystem company side, and also on the eWallet side,” he said.

Effendy also emphasised that although the solutions and updates can only be rolled out in stages, TNG will stand as a relevant solutions provider of multiple technology services to its customers by the end of 2021.

(Source: The Star)

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