Boost Introduces Super Shake Rewards, Offers Up To 3 Personalised Rewards
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Boost has refreshed its existing Shake Rewards feature, which is now renamed Super Shake Rewards. With this, Boost users will be able to obtain up to three personalised rewards, on top of Boost Stars and Partner Wallet cashback when they make transactions using Boost. 

The basic mechanics for the Super Shake Rewards have not changed; you will still need to perform a transaction with Boost in order to get a chance to shake for a reward. However, instead of getting only one Shake Reward regardless of how much you spend, you can now claim up to three Shake Rewards, depending on your spend amount: 

Spend amountNumber of Shake Rewards
RM10.00 to RM19.991 Shake Reward
RM20.00 to RM29.992 Shake Rewards
RM30.00 and above3 Shake Rewards

So upon making your payments, you will be prompted to shake your mobile phone for rewards as usual, after which you will be presented with a range of personalised offerings for your choosing. You can then browse through the selection, and claim the ones that are most relevant to you. So for instance, if your transaction is worth RM30, you’ll be allowed to claim a total of three vouchers from the selection presented to you. 

After claiming your vouchers, you can find them under “My Purchases”, and Partner Wallets under “My Partner Wallets”. The rewards can then be redeemed following these steps: 

  • Step 1: Tap on “My Bag” within your Boost app
  • Step 2: Select “My Purchases” to use the vouchers, or “My Partner Wallets” to use the Partner Wallets
  • Step 3: Select the applicable rewards
  • Step 4: Tap on “Use Now” 

Do be aware, though, that you will not be able to revisit the Shake Rewards page if you swipe away before claiming your preferred vouchers. A new transaction will then be required for another round of Super Shake Rewards. 

Note as well that transactions that are eligible for Super Shake Rewards include payments for utilities, online and in-store shopping, and mobile reloads. Meanwhile, peer-to-peer transfers, Boost wallet cash-ins, transactions for investment-related products, as well as payments for zakat and PTPTN do not qualify for Super Shake Rewards. 

Interestingly, Boost also specified that users can keep their Shake Rewards even if the transaction is cancelled; typically, users are not allowed to keep their rewards in such a situation. Aside from that, each reward will also have its own validity period and minimum spend requirement, so be sure to check before using them!

Boost’s Shake Rewards feature has always been an integral part of its rewards programme. When it was first introduced, Boost users were allowed to get immediate cashback with every transaction from their Shake Rewards. Revisions were then gradually introduced to allow users to enjoy other Shake Rewards incentives aside from cashback. 

(Source: Boost [1, 2]) 

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Amira Ali
9 months ago

Wah more new thing fo Boost users, feel much more appreciated.

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