Fave Enables GrabPay E-Wallet For Payments

Fave has finally enabled the GrabPay e-wallet on its platform for Malaysian users, allowing users to make payment using GrabPay and enjoy “double-dipping” on cashback and rewards points from both Fave and Grab.

With this new update, you can now use your GrabPay e-wallet to pay at more than 17,000 outlets and retailers on Fave’s network, ranging from dining to health and beauty, as well recreation. You can also use GrabPay to pay for the various FaveDeals and Fave eCards available in the app, and earn up both Fave Partner Cashback at selected merchants as well as up to 3x GrabRewards Points for every RM1 that you spend on the platform.

Co-founder and chief executive officer of Fave Malaysia, Joel Neoh, said that this partnership with Grab will help Malaysians embrace a digital lifestyle and cultivate a more seamless transition towards cashless payments. “It is about time we partnered with like-minded companies such as Grab to steer Malaysia towards a cashless economy. We see everyday Malaysians comfortably leveraging cashless payments for small and large day-to-day purchase, and the vast percentage of the population is receptive towards a cashless option that results in greater savings for the consumer,” he said.

Meanwhile, the head of GrabPay Malaysia, Priyanka Madan, said that the collaboration is in line with Grab’s longer-term strategic roadmap to build on its platform, payments, and partnerships. “We look forward to an accelerated digital transformation that enhances how Malaysians shop and capture more opportunities for merchants, and ultimately drives our nation’s economic recovery,” she said.

To link your GrabPay e-wallet to Fave, tap on “Me” to find a prompt that will lead you to GrabPay’s website. Following that, key in all the required details as requested – and you’re done! When you are making a payment on the Fave app, make sure to select GrabPay as your preferred payment option to enjoy the double rewards.

GrabPay has been supported on Fave for some time in Singapore, and its arrival on Malaysian shores is a timely one. You can find out more about using your GrabPay e-wallet on Fave on the latter’s website.

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