Setel Introduces CardTerus Feature, Removes Petrol Cashback For Wallet Top-Ups

setel cardterus 1

setel cardterus 1

Petronas-owned Setel app has rolled out CardTerus, a new function that allows users to pay for petrol directly by linking their credit cards to the app. This means you no longer have to top up the Setel e-wallet in order to pay for your refuel, making the process more straightforward and convenient.

With the introduction of this new feature, Setel also announced that users will no longer be able to earn petrol credit card cashback when topping up the Setel e-wallet. Moving forward, you can only earn your credit card’s petrol cashback benefits if you use the CardTerus option.


This change does alter the whole Setel user experience for petrol credit card users; they will no longer be using Setel as an e-wallet, but more like a petrol-purchasing app with its own direct payment feature. Of course, the convenience of paying from the comfort of your own car while automatically collecting Mesra points remains unchanged.

Setel’s FAQ also revealed that the CardTerus function does support debit card payments. However, you will be subjected to the standard pre-authorisation hold put in place by most banks, just like when you pay at the pump (except for Maybank and CIMB debit cards at Petronas). As such, it would be a better option for debit card users to stick to topping up the Setel e-wallet instead of using CardTerus, and thus continue to bypass the pre-authorisation hold.

If you’d like to give the new CardTerus feature a try, you can enable it by first linking a credit card to your Setel account. Once that’s done, tap on the Setel icon on the top right corner (displaying your e-wallet balance) to change your payment method as well as to select your preferred card. You can refer to the video above to take you through the process.

First introduced in July 2018, Setel has since brought its seamless payment experience to more than 700 Petronas stations through a nationwide expansion at the start of this year.

(Source: Setel)

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