DBKL Implements Cashless Payment For Street Parking, Effective Today

dbkl cashless payment method
(Image: Harian Metro)
dbkl cashless payment method
(Image: Harian Metro)

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) has announced that it is implementing a new cashless payment method for the payment of street parking fees in the city, effective today. What’s more, it has abruptly terminated its parking machine services as of yesterday (30 September), which means that the transition to the new payment method will be an immediate one.

Following this update, motorists within the city will no longer be able to pay their parking fees with coins or a Touch ‘n Go card on the parking payment booths. Instead, they will have to use any of the following mobile app or e-wallets:

In its statement, DBKL also noted that it is in the midst of planning and implementing parking payment services via Boost and Touch ‘n Go eWallet to offer better user convenience. Both e-wallets had actually enabled the ability to pay for street parking managed by DBKL since a while ago – Boost in 2018, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet in 2019 – but have recently removed the function. Both e-wallets have notified its users that DBKL parking payments is offline for “upgrading” works.

Equally curious is the lack of mention of JomParking, another popular mobile app that lets you pay your parking fees. JomParking itself has also recently tweeted to inform users that its payment services for street parking managed by DBKL will be temporarily unavailable.

Aside from the above changes, motorists in KL should also take note that daily and monthly parking passes are also made unavailable for now. However, DBKL said that they are expected to be activated after future system upgrades. Meanwhile, applications for reserved parking bays are still accepted, with charges set at the usual rate.

DBKL also urged the public to adapt and familiarise themselves with the new payment methods.

(Source: DBKL)

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