Setel Introduces Deliver2Me Service And In-Store Cashless Payment For Mesra Outlets

Just shortly after introducing the new CardTerus function, Petronas-backed Setel is back with another two new features in its mobile app to expand its services beyond fuel purchases.

The new Deliver2Me feature allows users to purchase and receive selected products from Mesra stores in the comfort of their vehicles when visiting a Petronas station. On top of that, Setel has also enabled the ability for users to make cashless payments with their Setel e-wallet when buying items within Mesra stores.

Setel Deliver2Me

setel deliver2me

The Deliver2Me feature lets you purchase selected items from participating Mesra stores and have it delivered directly to your vehicle while you are refuelling. This service is targeted at those who are frequently on the go, and it is also convenient for customers with children in the car.

The new service will pop up as a part of your Setel fuel payment process; after selecting your fuel amount on the Setel app as usual, you’ll have the option to make purchases via Deliver2Me. While checking out, do key in your vehicle plate number so that the items can be delivered to you while you refuel. Note that payment for these purchases are made through the Setel e-wallet, and that this service is only available from 8am to 8pm daily.

At present, the Deliver2Me service only features limited items, and is available at six selected Petronas stations, namely:

  • Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Sungai Buloh Layby (Sungai Buloh)
  • Mutiara Damansara (Petaling Jaya)
  • USJ20 (UEP Subang Jaya)
  • Bukit Antarabangsa (Ampang)
  • Jalan Kolam Ayer Lama (Ampang)

The feature will be rolled out to other branches nationwide soon, starting from the first quarter of 2021.

Cashless payments via the Setel e-wallet in Mesra stores

cashless payment with setel e-wallet

Users who purchase their items within Mesra stores can now also use their Setel e-wallet for a seamless, cashless, and card-less payment process. In addition to that, your Mesra points will be automatically collected in your Setel app, and you can also perform points redemption directly through it.

Note, though, that this feature is only applicable for in-store purchases at Mesra stores. Setel users who are making in-store purchases and refuelling at the same time will not be able to use the Setel e-wallet to pay for both at the counter. The fuel must still be purchased separately via the Setel app as per usual.

To use the Setel e-wallet for your purchases in Mesra stores, click on “Payments”, followed by “Pay”. Your Setel barcode will be generated for payment. This feature is currently supported at over 800 participating Mesra stores across Malaysia, with more to come soon.


Following an expansion exercise early this year, Setel is now available at more than 900 Petronas stations nationwide to provide users with a seamless payment experience. You can find out more about the new Deliver2Me feature and how you can use the Setel e-wallet for cashless payments in Mesra stores on Setel’s website.


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