Affin Bank Announces Discontinuation Of Five Credit Cards

(Image: NSTP)

Affin Bank has announced the discontinuation of five credit cards, effective 10 December 2020. The discontinued credit cards are:

  • AffinBank Mastercard Classic
  • AffinBank Visa Classic
  • AffinBank Touch ‘n Go Mastercard Classic
  • AffinBank Touch ‘n Go Mastercard Gold
  • Affin Islamic Mastercard Classic

Those holding these cards may continue to use them as usual until it expires. Then, if your card requires replacement or renewal, you will be issued with a new credit card: the AffinBank Mastercard Gold for the three discontinued Mastercards, the AffinBank Visa Gold to replace the AffinBank Visa Classic, and the Affin Islamic Mastercard Gold to replace the Affin Islamic Mastercard Classic.

Replacement cards will be issued with the same card number as before and any existing standing instruction and auto-billing will remain valid. The annual fee will follow that of the new replacement card – which stands at RM150 for the Mastercard Gold and RM75 for the other two credit cards. However, the annual fees for these cards can be waived with a minimum of 12 retail transactions in a year.

For Affin Touch ‘n Go Mastercard holders who would like to obtain a refund for their Touch ‘n Go (TNG) reload balances, you can make a request to TNG directly and have the balance credited to any one of your active TNG cards.

(Source: Affin Bank)

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