BigPay Revises Points Earning Rate, Hints At Bill Payments Feature

bigpay card

bigpay card

BigPay has lowered its points earning rate, now offering 1 AirAsia BIG point for every RM30 spent using the BigPay card. The change is effective today 15 October, with an email going out to notify users this morning.

Previously, BigPay users earned 1 BIG Point for every RM10 spent on the BigPay card. The new change will see users earning BIG Points at a rate that is three times slower than before.

BigPay justified this as a way for the e-wallet company “to keep things balanced”, as it will soon be rolling out new features such as bill payments that will allow users to earn BIG Points on “more than just card transactions”.

bigpay card

“We are committed to providing our customers with fair and affordable financial services,” the AirAsia-owned company said in its email today. “Your account will continue to be free from any monthly or annual fees. You will also continue to enjoy low fees and competitive rates for international money transfers, beyond what traditional banks could offer.”

BigPay had also announced another change to its e-wallet just last week, when it reduced its wallet reloads via credit card top-ups for the third time this year to just RM1,000 a month.

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