TNG GO+ Launches +KAWAN Campaign, Offers 1% Bonus Rate For Every Referral
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Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallet has rolled out a new +KAWAN Member-Get-Member referral campaign, which enables its users to earn a 1% p.a. bonus return rate for their GO+ investment for every successful signup. The campaign, which begins today, will run until 10 August 2021.

Open to all new and existing TNG users who have activated their GO+ investment feature, the campaign will reward you with an additional 1% p.a. bonus return rate when you successfully invite your family and friends to become GO+ users. For a referral to be valid, your referees must sign up and deposit a minimum of RM10 into their GO+ account using your referral code, which you can find within your own GO+ page.

TNG also clarified that there is no limit to the number of referees that you can invite, which means that the amount of bonus return rate that you can earn is technically unlimited. Note, however, that the bonus return rate – which is based on your GO+ balance – will only apply to a balance amount of RM3,000. This means that if you have RM4,500 in your GO+ account, only RM3,000 will earn the bonus return rate, whereas the remaining RM1,500 will receive the regular daily return rate specified for the day (projected at 1.4% p.a.).

Additionally, the bonus earnings from this campaign will only be credited to your GO+ balance after it has reached a minimum of RM0.01. TNG has allocated a total of RM1,600,000 to reward users through this campaign. The special return rate will also revert to the normal rate only after the campaign ends, allowing you to earn the bonus rates for up to three months.

TNG GO+ was introduced in March this year, and is described as a feature that lets you earn potential daily returns on your TNG eWallet credit by investing it in a money market fund. The underlying fund is the Principal e-Cash Fund, which is managed by Principal Asset Management Berhad.

You can find out more about TNG’s +KAWAN Member-Get-Member campaign from its official FAQ.

(Source: TNG eWallet)

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