Setel's One-Tap Fuelling Feature To Offer A More Seamless Refuelling Experience
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Petronas-owned e-payment app Setel has introduced a new One-Tap Fuelling feature to improve its users’ refuelling experience. As hinted by its name, Setel users can now activate a fuel pump at over 1,000 Petronas stations with just one tap once they park their car at a petrol bay – as opposed to the lengthier process of five taps within the app at present.

According to Setel’s website, users who enable this feature will only need to tap on the correct pump number to activate the pump upon arriving at the petrol station. After that, you can immediately proceed to refuel your vehicles based on a pre-authorised amount for petrol payment that you have set within your Setel app, and earn Mesra points instantly. The payment for your fuel, meanwhile, will be deducted from either your Setel wallet or SmartPay.

Of course, before you can enjoy this one-tap convenience at a Petronas station, you’ll need to go through some setup processes first. You can enable the One-Tap Fuelling feature simply by following these steps:

  • Fire up your Setel app and tap on “More” (bottom right corner)
  • Select “Preferences” under the “Settings” section
  • Enable “One-Tap Fuelling”
  • Select a pre-authorised amount and payment method for your future refuelling sessions, save your preferences, and you’re done!

Setel also explained that if the actual refuel amount during a session is less than the pre-authorised amount, you will first be charged the pre-set amount. Subsequently, the additional amount paid will later be refunded to you within one day.

Additionally, Setel’s Deliver2Me feature – which lets you purchase and receive products from Mesra stores in the comfort of your vehicles – is currently not supported by the One-Tap Fuelling feature. There are, however, plans to bring them together soon.

Other upcoming enhancements that Setel also hopes to bring to One-Tap Fuelling include the ability to pre-set users’ preferred fuelling amount by litres or tank size, as well as introduce other payment methods (such as CardTerus for debit or credit card payments). It also wants to add Setel Share – a feature that lets you share your Setel Wallet or CardTerus with friends and families – and enable One-Tap Fuelling on Apple Watch.  

Currently, the One-Tap Fuelling feature has been made available to only 1,000 Setel users across the country, with other users set to gradually gain access to it in the next two months. If you’re excited and would like to receive early-bird access to the feature, however, you may opt in by posting a social media post (“I want One-Tap Fuelling now” on Instagram Story or Twitter, tagging @setel with the hashtag #SetelOneTapFuelling).

Setel is also celebrating the launch of One-Tap Fuelling with a campaign that gives users the chance to win a limited edition Setel gift box when they upload creative videos of their experience using the new feature.

Meanwhile, Shell customers, too, are able to enjoy a similarly seamless refuelling experience via the RFID Fuelling function. Officially launched in August 2022 via the partnership between Touch ‘n Go (TNG) Group and Shell Malaysia, it lets you refuel with the payment automatically deducted from your TNG eWallet (which is linked to your TNG RFID tag). However, this service is currently available only at selected Shell petrol stations.

(Source: Setel)

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