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Budgeting & Saving
6 Fun and Easy Books to Read on Finance
- 25th January 2018
If you are trying to brush up on your personal finance knowledge (besides reading Ringgitplus!); you might feel overwhelmed by the selection of books on the topic. We pick 6 easy reads to help you along.
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Debt Management
Do You Have a Shopping Problem?
- 18th December 2015
A shopping problem could put major strains on your financial and sometimes personal life too. Find out the tell-tale signs before the addiction becomes too serious a mess.
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Budgeting & Saving
How to Get More For Your Money When Doing Christmas Shopping
- 15th December 2015
Are you getting started on your Christmas shopping list? If you haven't already; there's still time to save big by checking out our easy-follow tips to #GetMore when shopping for Christmas presents!
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Household Budgeting
4 Simple Ways Money Can Buy Happiness
- 14th October 2015
The age old question: can money buy happiness? We're not saying it can indefinitely but we found 4 simple ways it can certainly aid in the quest for momentary contentment.
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Budgeting & Saving
4 Ways to Maximise an Unexpected Windfall of Money
- 29th September 2015
It may not happen often - but it does! What will you do with an unexpected windfall of extra money? We look at the four ways you can use your added income and how to maximise each option.
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Credit Cards
Fuel Price Down in September, Time for a Roadtrip!
- 4th September 2015
On the float system, fuel prices reduced this September just in time for Malaysia Day. Sounds to us like a great time to appreciate Malaysia on a roadtrip - check out our tips and destination picks!
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Petrol Price Malaysia Live Updates (RON95, RON97 & Diesel)
The RinggitPlus Team
- 4th August 2021
We provide weekly updates on every Friday at 5pm on the prices of RON95, RON97 and Diesel in Malaysia and a chart that shows the movement of fuel prices across a 6-week period. Bookmark this page now!
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Best Fixed Deposit Accounts In Malaysia
The RinggitPlus Team
- 2nd August 2021
We provide monthly updates on the best fixed deposit rates in Malaysia with tables showing the top 5 rates for the duration of 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
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Malaysia Personal Income Tax Guide 2021 (YA 2020)
Jacie Tan
- 25th March 2021
That time of the year has come around again – so let’s see how ready you are to […]
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Shopping Responsibly, Is ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ The Way To Go?
Katrina Quiroz
- 18th June 2021
E-commerce has experienced a boom over the last year with an 87% growth in 2020 compared to 2019 […]