KPDN Directs TNG To Rebrand Visa Prepaid Card, Address Other Service-Related Issues
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Touch ‘n Go (TNG) has been directed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) to implement six follow-up actions to resolve several issues related to its services, including rebranding its recently launched TNG Visa prepaid card. This came following a meeting held between a special KPDN taskforce, TNG representatives, the Works Ministry, and the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM).

KPDN minister Salahuddin Ayub explained specifically that the rebranding of the TNG Visa prepaid card is necessary to avoid causing confusion among the public. This is because Malaysians have come to closely associate the TNG brand with toll and public transportation payment systems, whereas the TNG Visa prepaid card cannot be used for these transactions. Instead, it can only be used for making card payments at Visa merchants globally and withdrawing cash at ATMs worldwide.

“The government recommends that the name of the Visa card be changed so as not to confuse users since the word ‘Touch ‘n Go’ is synonymous with the toll payment system,” said Salahuddin in a post on his official Facebook page.

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TNG had previously explained that the company did originally attempt to produce a single card that combines the capabilities of both the Visa prepaid card and the existing TNG card (which allows toll and public transport payments). However, it was eventually discovered that it is not possible as a single card that carries both near-field communication (NFC) and Visa Wave chips resulted in interference problems.

Aside from the recommendation to rebrand the TNG Visa prepaid card, KPDN also urged TNG to address several other issues related to its services, including the scarcity of the enhanced TNG NFC card in the market, difficulties in getting a refund of TNG card balances, and users not realising that their cards have expired. Here is the full list of steps that TNG has been asked to implement:

Rebrand TNG Visa prepaid card and notify the public of the capabilities of the new cardN/A
Increase the number of TNG sales and service centresTNG currently only has two existing sales and service centres within Malaysia: KL Sentral and Bangsar South.
Provide early notification to users of expiring TNG cardsThe classic TNG card and enhanced TNG NFC card each has a lifespan of 10 and 7 years, respectively.
Speed up the refund and balance transfer process for TNG cardsTNG’s eRefund process currently takes up to 30 days.
Strive to remove all TNG card listings made by unauthorised third parties (in partnership with e-commerce platforms)Instructions have been issued to e-commerce platforms to assist in this.
Prepare a follow-up action plan, to be presented to the special KPDN taskforce by 1 February 2023N/A

KPDN also stressed that its enforcement division will take legal action against any parties that are found to be selling the enhanced TNG NFC card at a price above the original cost. This is to be carried out under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 (Act 723).

To note, the enhanced TNG NFC card is priced at RM10 per card, whereas special edition cards (such as the Mission GreenPossible and the United Voice cards) typically cost RM25. Scalpers, meanwhile, have previously been found to sell the cards for up to RM100.

(Sources: Salahuddin Ayub, The Star)

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