TNG eWallet Introduces New Premium Tier With Upsized RM20,000 Limit
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Touch ‘n Go (TNG) eWallet has introduced a new Premium tier to its e-wallet, offering benefits such as an increased e-wallet size of RM20,000 and an increased annual transaction limit of RM300,000. With this latest update, the TNG eWallet now has three tiers: Lite, Pro, and Premium, with the new Premium tier being rolled out to users in stages.

According to TNG, Premium eWallet users are able to enjoy the following benefits: the option to increase your eWallet size to RM20,000; a higher monthly transaction limit of RM20,000; and a higher annual transaction limit of RM300,000. You can compare the differences between the tiers in the table below:

eWallet SizeRM200RM5,000RM20,000
Monthly Transaction LimitRM4,999.99 (excluding transportation transactions, RFID & PayDirect)RM5,000 (excluding transportation transactions, RFID & PayDirect)Up to RM25,000 (excluding transportation transactions, RFID & PayDirect)
Annual Transaction LimitRM59,999.99 (including transportation transactions, RFID & PayDirect)RM60,000 (including transportation transactions, RFID & PayDirect)RM300,000 (including transportation transactions, RFID & PayDirect)

To become a Premium eWallet user, you need to make a transaction on any of the products from the e-wallet’s “Premium section” – namely, TNG eWallet’s GO+ investment feature or TNG Car Insure. Once you are upgraded to the Premium tier, you will be given the option to increase your eWallet limit to RM20,000 or keep it at RM5,000.

With the introduction of this new tier, the TNG eWallet now has the advantage over a number of the other major e-wallet players when it comes to e-wallet size. GrabPay and Boost’s highest e-wallet limits remain firmly in the four-digit range, whereas BigPay and kiplePay’s latest limits are half of TNG’s at RM10,000; only Merchantrade Money manages to match TNG Premium’s new RM20,000 limit.

However, the upgraded Lazada Wallet remains the champion when it comes to largest e-wallet limits – it has a wallet balance limit of RM25,000, as well as whoppingly high monthly and yearly transaction limits of RM200,000 and RM500,000 respectively. All the same, it is worth noting that Lazada is majority owned by Alibaba – the group behind digital payment platform Alipay, one of the most popular e-wallets in China. Alibaba also has a stake in TNG Digital through Ant Financial.

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Kamisah mohamad
1 year ago

Good. ..

KC Teo
1 year ago

Good job

1 year ago

GOOD I LIKE 🥇🥈🥉🎖️🏅🏆

1 year ago

Whats the point of having so much money in the wallet when you dont spend and dont get interest for it – especially for non TnG

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